We work with young people, technology and neurodiversity. We are passionate about the abilities of the individuals we work with and the contribution they can make to the workplace.

A lot of organisations are struggling to attract technical talent and a lot of neurodivergent individuals may have the skills and abilities that are in demand.  

Standard recruitment processes are a barrier for many neurodiverse people, meaning businesses are missing out.

We reach out to neurodiverse people who have strong technical skills and assess their abilities, experience and needs. We support the candidate through the organisation’s recruitment process and any probationary period.

We also support employers. By opening up and developing their recruitment processes to become more inclusive for neurodiverse candidates, employers have greater access to a broader range of talent.

This project has been supported via the “Transforming employment for disabled people” programme by Scope and Unltd.  We are proud to be in a cohort with 17 other fantastic social entrepreneurs all trying to make a difference and help bridge the employability gap.

Jobs is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting technically talented and gifted neurodiverse jobseekers into employment.

The Team

Black and white portrait of Guy Baumann

Guy Baumann
Guy is a dad to three children, two of whom are in the neurodiverse category. Driven by a desire to make their worlds easier to navigate, Guy founded Krash Labs 7 years ago – a safe space for any child or young person to explore and immerse themselves in technology and gaming. Through the programme, Guy observed highly technically talented children and young adults fail at school as they were unable to focus on certain aspects of the standard education curriculum. This pattern can follow these young people into adult life and can result in long-term reclusive behaviour or permanently low paid jobs. Guy is passionate about reversing this outcome and showing the world that many neurodiverse individuals have highly sort after technical skills and should have greater access to the job market.

Guy is an experienced manager having worked in many fields and industries. He has a strong technical background in IT, holds a first-class degree and studied for a PhD in Environmental Science. He is a focused and dedicated person and as well as being a strong advocate for children and young people with autism, he is Chairman of Yorkshire Coast Families and, a trustee of Coast and Vale Community Action

Black and white portrait of Damien Ferrari

Damien Ferrari
Damien is neurodiversity advocate and cyber crime ambassador. He is co-founder and director of Krash Labs - a safe space for young people to explore and immerse themselves in technology and gaming. An IT expert himself, Damien works closely with people and technology; particularly Neurodiverse individuals, to provide opportunities and raise aspirations. His patient and encouraging nature allows him to connect to and understand young people who may find some aspects of life difficult.

Damien is passionate about information and computer security and is involved in projects to prevent and protect individuals, small businesses, and charities against cyber-dependant and cyber-enabled crime. His expertise has led him to being appointed a Cybercrime Ambassador for the North Yorkshire Police.

With over 10 years’ operational and financial experience within local non-profit and national FTSE 250 organisations, Damien is now focused on using his background to help neurodiverse people into the workplace.


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