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Case Study #1 - Hana

May 9, 2019
Guy Baumann

Hana is a very gifted and talented full stack developer at a telecoms company. She has been working there for about six months.

Prior to her employment, Hana, who is autistic, had failed at college because of an inability to pass Functional English and has gained only 1 GCSE. Hana suffers from extreme social anxiety and struggles to communicate effectively, particularly in new situations and with people she doesn’t know.

With our support both Hana and her current employer went through a smooth recruitment process.  We were able to support Hana during her interview: to clarify questions; prompt where necessary and; occasionally to answer on her behalf. Because of our support, Hana’s skills and knowledge were able to shine through and the employer saw what she could offer to them.  

Hana’s talents have given her a career and independence. Many other neurodiverse people with similar talents remain hidden from the job market. We are passionate about seeking out neurodiverse talent and supporting them into employment.


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