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Case Study #2 - Ashley

May 9, 2019
Guy Baumann

Ashley works at a Financial Services company as a software developer.

After graduating with a degree in Computer Science with games development Ashley did not feel quite ready for employment. His family contacted us and we began working with Ashley to develop some softer skills. We supported Ashley through a year's work experience placement to prepare him for the job market. Throughout his work experience Ashley learnt reliability, consistency and developed self-confidence. Towards the end of the work experience period, he was successful in landing a great tech position that was worthy of his high level of ability.

The statistics show that autistic people rarely find suitable employment. Sometimes, our help can show an employer a new way of seeing a potential neurodiverse candidate, and sometimes our help focuses on developing the individual. In Ashley's case, we were able to show him what a daily work routine looks like and give him new skills he needs to equip him for a successful career.


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