A commitment to diversity and inclusivity can help organisations thrive and compete for talent

We specialise in sourcing programmers, developers, testers, network specialists and other highly sought-after tech roles.

The candidates we work with have strong technical skills but may not possess your minimum requirements for recruitment.

Neurodiversity covers a range of conditions that can manifest to the outside world as ‘different’ behaviour. Sometimes, what we don’t see is the abilities of this person and how much they can give to an organisation.  

Some of our greatest minds, innovators, scientists and business people are autistic, dyslexic or have ADHD.

What could your business achieve with an Alan Turing, a Steve Jobs or a Richard Branson?


We will work with you to understand your requirements and your business. We can match you with candidates who display the technical skills you are looking for. We can support you and the candidate through the application, interview and probation period.

Further support is available to help you tailor your recruitment process to encourage neurodiverse applicants. We can complete a workplace assessment, offer HR & legal advice, provide training and put you in contact with local support agencies.

Why does Neurodiversity matter?

Diversity matters because it is about inclusivity and creating a strong workforce. Taking time to make your organisation more neurodiverse can enrich your workplace culture and bring fresh talent into your team.


Our clients are often highly logically and numerically gifted people. They may show great attention to detail, a methodological approach, have a good memory for factual information and demonstrate strong problem-solving skills. They are of course individuals who, like anyone else, will also bring their own uniqueness into your organisation..



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