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Krash Labs Jobs is a specialised recruitment agency dedicated to supporting you into a career with companies who actively encourage neuro-diverse individuals in their workplace.

Being neurodiverse can make any recruitment process very daunting and confusing. It can be hard to get the right work experience to show you are employable and you may have found it hard to get the formal education qualifications a lot of organisations want.  

If you have strong technical abilities, your skills are in demand and we can help you find a suitable job, apply for it and, work with the employer so they understand you.

We will work with you to understand what sort of job you want, the kind of company you wish to work for, and what support you might need.


It is always useful to have qualifications, such as GCSE, A-levels and degrees, however we understand that people with autism, dyslexia and ADHD can struggle in educational environments and may often not have the qualifications they need or deserve. We will work hard with companies to explain this and look at other ways of judging your abilities, skills and experience.

what kind of jobs are there?

Technical skills are highly in demand, there is a big shortage of skilled IT employees across many industries. You might be suitable to become a penetration tester, programmer, developer, network specialist or similar.


Often, the ability to learn new skills and having the right attitude results in the most success. If you are highly technically competent we can work with your abilities to show companies that you have the essential skills they are after.


If you are new to the job market – you might have only worked on your own projects or coursework at school or college - then your skills might not match employers' expectations.  Could you consider learning source control, databases and testing? The tech industry is known for constantly evolving and developing so keeping your skills up to date is very important. Get in touch with us and we can give you the right advice and guidance.


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