A commitment to diversity and inclusivity can help organisations thrive and compete for talent

We specialise in sourcing programmers, developers, testers, network specialists and other highly sought-after tech roles.

The candidates we work with have strong technical skills but may not possess your minimum requirements for recruitment.

Neurodiversity covers a range of conditions that can manifest to the outside world as ‘different’ behaviour. Sometimes, what we don’t see is the abilities of this person and how much they can give to an organisation.  

Some of our greatest minds, innovators, scientists and business people are autistic, dyslexic or have ADHD.

We want to help you discover fantastically talented individuals.

Contact us now to see how we can help.
“Overall there is a  simple economic argument for this. The UK is amazing at creativity, from Adele to Harry Potter to everything. So if it leads to employment and a growth sector, double, triple down on the creative sector. And if you start embracing creativity, by definition you are embracing neurodiversity, because it’s all interconnected.”

Universal Music CEO David Joseph
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